Monday, November 12, 2012


A few weeks ago I remembered my old Commodore 64 and my work in BASIC. Ten years ago it was 2002. and in that time I was 13. I didn't have PC, but my dad bought C64  at the time when I was born. I also found one book about c64 that year and I asked my father what is it and he said that there are some numbers and commands that even he didn't  understand. I started reading the book and I entered my first BASIC commands in C64. When I sow that command PRINT "ARMIN" prints my name I was very exited. So I learned almost all commands and I wanted to create Windows on C64. Because I didn't have PC , I have been going to internet club to see how real PC works and what commands it has. After that I started to write Windows shell on my C64. When I created desktop and start menu, I also programmed DOS, Corel Draw, Notepad, Writepad, Documents , Excel some games, .... all that programs haven't been fully functional of course , I was just creating what I saw on PC in the internet club :).  I named my program Windows 105 because at that time I didn't know exacly what it is. I thought like: "Micosoft have Windows 98, so I will be greater than Microsoft, I will be Gigasoft and my Windows will be 105,not 98"... kids :) I also imagined that I have had my company CNA (Company for new achievements) :D
After I created a lot of things on it I found in second hand store old tape with SIMONS BASIC. After that I stoped developing Windows and started to programming Windows in SIMONS BASIC. I did that because with the new basic I was able to use mouse. I was programming few months , and then my parents decided to help me and they bought me a real PC. That year I attended programming competition and I was fifth in region :)
After that I continuededucating myself and now I am programmer working in insurance company and I am programming in almost all modern programming languages. :)

C64 connected to my PC throught TV Card


Commodore 64 and my PC from other perspective

C64 connected to my TV Card on PC

Tape Cassette on which I was saving my Windows 105

Boot screen on Windows 105 on C64

Start menu

Desktop od Gigasoft Windows 105

Corel Draw 9 start screen on C64

Start menu with sub menu PROGRAMS

GS DOS (Emulated)
Documents window :D

Wordpad ;)

Gigasoft Office :D :D

Ineternet browser, it can open two pages :)

Here are some videos about Windows 105 and my workon it, there is also source code of it :)
You can see all my videos about c64 on my youtube channel:


  1. Would the source code actually be made available for this? Being an old Commodore junkie, I would love to play with it.

    1. I am trying to transfer my tape to some PC format like .TAP to be able to run it in emulator but I did't succeeded yet. If someone have lot of expirience and tools for trasfer to .TAP or .PRG I will send him copy of tape so he can do that.


      Maybe this can help easily.

  2. bravo majstore! ovo me zaista razveselilo :D

  3. Haha. Sve pohvale za ovo. Pogotovo me iznenadilo kad sam vidio da nije sve na engleskom :D

  4. The free mind of a kid, as kids, we don't understand the limits, we push the rules and in our simplest world of "I could do that", we work hard to create wonderful pieces of our imagination.

    Sadly sometimes the life and the schools (teachers and class mate), made us turn off this light in some of us and turn us into another "brick in the wall".

    Thanks for share this piece of your achievements.

  5. So nostalgic... As a kid, somewhere in mid 1990s we hadn't PC, but father brought me old Ei PECOM64, former-Yugoslav brew from mid 1980s... ( Welll, I couldn't do much of graphics, except characters magic, but I did go into assembler of that RCA CDP1802 powered trilobite.
    You did a great work! Cheers! :)

  6. Haha predobro, takodje me iznenadilo kad sam vidio da nije engleski :D

    Thumbs up :)

  7. is there a d64-Image of it available? this must be preserved ;)

  8. You have a typo: Micosoft -> Microsoft
    "Micosoft have Windows 98, so I will be greater than Microsoft, I will be Gigasoft and my Windows will be 105,not 98"... kids :)

    Ja sam radio nešto slično na ZX Spectrum-u, doduše nisam bio tako ambiciozan kao ti, kopirao sam tetris ne windowse :)

  9. this is sooo cool, try win 8 next

  10. thats good but how i can set the time and date in what format?

    and password?