Monday, November 12, 2012


A few weeks ago I remembered my old Commodore 64 and my work in BASIC. Ten years ago it was 2002. and in that time I was 13. I didn't have PC, but my dad bought C64  at the time when I was born. I also found one book about c64 that year and I asked my father what is it and he said that there are some numbers and commands that even he didn't  understand. I started reading the book and I entered my first BASIC commands in C64. When I sow that command PRINT "ARMIN" prints my name I was very exited. So I learned almost all commands and I wanted to create Windows on C64. Because I didn't have PC , I have been going to internet club to see how real PC works and what commands it has. After that I started to write Windows shell on my C64. When I created desktop and start menu, I also programmed DOS, Corel Draw, Notepad, Writepad, Documents , Excel some games, .... all that programs haven't been fully functional of course , I was just creating what I saw on PC in the internet club :).  I named my program Windows 105 because at that time I didn't know exacly what it is. I thought like: "Micosoft have Windows 98, so I will be greater than Microsoft, I will be Gigasoft and my Windows will be 105,not 98"... kids :) I also imagined that I have had my company CNA (Company for new achievements) :D
After I created a lot of things on it I found in second hand store old tape with SIMONS BASIC. After that I stoped developing Windows and started to programming Windows in SIMONS BASIC. I did that because with the new basic I was able to use mouse. I was programming few months , and then my parents decided to help me and they bought me a real PC. That year I attended programming competition and I was fifth in region :)
After that I continuededucating myself and now I am programmer working in insurance company and I am programming in almost all modern programming languages. :)

C64 connected to my PC throught TV Card


Commodore 64 and my PC from other perspective

C64 connected to my TV Card on PC

Tape Cassette on which I was saving my Windows 105

Boot screen on Windows 105 on C64

Start menu

Desktop od Gigasoft Windows 105

Corel Draw 9 start screen on C64

Start menu with sub menu PROGRAMS

GS DOS (Emulated)
Documents window :D

Wordpad ;)

Gigasoft Office :D :D

Ineternet browser, it can open two pages :)

Here are some videos about Windows 105 and my workon it, there is also source code of it :)
You can see all my videos about c64 on my youtube channel:

Turbo tape loading sound - my lovely music :D

Do you remember the noise produced by C64 loading program from tape with program TURBO. Then it was horrible but now I like to hear it because it brigs me beatiful memories...

Watch all videos here:

Here are some exaples(some of them comes with tape head settings :D):